Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Part I - You can't fight crazy

There are certain realizations in life and the sooner you accept these things, the easier your life becomes.

#1 - You can't fight crazy.

The saga of the crazy neighbor continues.  Let me back up a few weeks to give you a bit of history before we move on.

A few months ago.

A few months back our neighbor emailed us accusing our car of waking them up in the middle of the night.  Apparently we would lock it multiple times a night and wake her up.  Each night.  Randomly.  Sometime between 12 and 3 am.  Only between those hours.  Oh, and starting on October 23rd.  

I politely email her back telling her that it wasn't our car, that we go to bed at 9:30pm and that she should check with others.  I also inform her that it's possible that someone else is coming home from 2nd shift or a night out and wants to lock their car.

Jeremy is a much nicer person that I am.

A few days go by and one afternoon she comes over to the house.  Jeremy is home, I'm not.  She claims she is sure that it is our car waking her up at night.  So being the nice guy that Jeremy is, he agrees to move his car for a few nights to see if she notices the sound.  

Upon hearing this story, I, of course, do not agree to this, because the woman is crazy.  And I am not moving my car down a dark street to appease a woman who thinks one of our cars is making this ridiculous beeping between the hours of 12 and 3am each night.

A Crockpot?

Fast forward a few days and Jeremy and I are both working at home.  Around 1:45 the crockpot finishes with a beep and no 2 minutes later does the woman come over and insist that she heard our car beep.  At the time she claims "I don't know if it was the same sound, but I heard something."  

Yes you crazy woman, it's my crockpot!  Stop stalking me!

Jeremy, being the much nicer person than I, speaks with her in a very understanding tone.  I, however, get fed up with the harassment and tell her that she's crazy and she needed to stop harassing us.  I inform her that people coming home at night have a right to lock their car and that is probably what is happening.  But, what have we learned? 

You cannot fight crazy.

So, said woman continues on with her rant that you are not allowed to lock your car in the middle of the night because it is "quiet hours."  Again, crazy.  She also tells me that she feels like she has kids because it wakes her up in the middle of the night.  Oh, honey.  You have no idea.

I explain to her that she has no data and she needs to learn the scientific method.  (que perplexed look on her face).  She leaves and I move on with my life. 

Read that again.  I move on with my life.  

Jeremy, however, cannot let it go.  He's obsessed.  "I've been besmirched!"

So that night he installs an app on an old cell phone that is a sound activated recorder.  He places it in the car, locks the car, and goes to bed.  

The next morning he checks it.  Shockingly there was no sound detected except for the initial lock.  The next night it is repeated with my car.  Again, same results.

Moving on

At this point I emailed the neighbor and the homeowners board, which she has now gotten involved in her quest, and tell them about our data, some other random observations that Jeremy has made one night, some information about creating a proper experiment, data collection techniques, properties of sound travel, and some suggestions for double pane windows or ear plugs.

And we all move on with our lives.

Or do we?...

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