Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Parents Weekend

So my parents were down this past weekend. It was awesome. We really got a lot done in the backyard. Not only did we clean up all the leaves, but we rented a chain saw and cut down a few dead trees, and installed a stone pathway leading from the side of the house to the center of the yard. It was really hot out, but we got most of the work done during the day, and we had a fan outside with us to keep us cool. My dad even got a little happy with the chain saw, and started cutting a lot of stuff down! Check out the pictures here. It was also close to my moms birthday, so we gave her a birthday surprise... dinner at Emeril's Restrauant in Orlando, FL at the kitchen table. Of course she'll have to wait until December to get this gift, but I know she's excited.

Also. On Thursday night at 12:37am (technically Friday morning), Pete and Jess had their baby boy. James Bradley LeBlond. 8 lbs, 8oz and 20" long. Congrats Pete and Jess! (check out their baby pictures here)