Thursday, August 22, 2013


I realize that it's been almost 3 months since I've posted, but there hasn't been much non-baby related news to tell.  So make the jump HERE and check out what's been going on in our lives for the last 10 (almost 11) weeks!

Though my life is now 95% consumed by a little one, there is one thing that I have managed to find the time to do...


The title says it all.  This workout routine is truly insane.  By far the most cardio I've packed into a workout before.  In fact, I am finally at a point that some days I can make it through the warmup.

Yes, you read that right, only SOME days.

It's crazy.

The warmup starts with 3 rounds of sprinting in place, jumping jacks, heisman, 1-2-3 heisman, butt kicks, high knees, mummies - each 30 seconds - each round getting faster and faster without stopping.

HERE a video of some people doing the last round of the warmup.

And that's just the warmup, so you can imagine what the rest of the workout is.

It's tough but it is a really good way to start the day.  Plus it's time that Jeremy and I get to spend together doing something that we both enjoy while Max is still sleeping.

Well, mostly enjoy.  I pretty much can't breathe or walk at the end of it.

We find the time by starting the workout as soon as Max is done with his morning feeding.  So that's usually at 5 or 6 am.

After Insanity is over (a 9 week program) we will still continue to do it every once in a while, and probably get back into P90X too, but I'd also like to do Hip Hop Abs.

It sounds kinda cheesy but the reality is that I was in the best shape of my life when I was out climbing and cycling all the time.  And I'm just not doing that as much now that we live in Houston.  So it will be fun to do something that isn't so much "working out" as much as it is a dance class.  We'll see.

If you want to join us for an Insanity workout sometime, just let me know.  You gotta get your butt here early though!