Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

As I was sitting here smelling the hyacinths, it brought back so many memories of Easter at my parents house when I was a kid.  The smell of the flowers reminds me of getting all dressed up for church and then coming home and running around the house finding my hidden baskets.  I may not get basekets anymore, and I haven't died eggs in years, but I am looking forward to my Premise Maid candies which will find their way into my house in two weeks!  

As a treat, here's a blast from my past.  I'm not sure the bunny costume was actually for easter, but it fits the holiday.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Last weekend my friend showed me this awesome new camera attachment for the iphone called Olloclip.  It gives you the ability to shoot fisheye, macro and wide angle and takes some awesome shots.
Unfortunately, it doesn't fit around any case.  So if you're like me, and drop your phone a lot, you're kinda screwed...

or are you?!?

At CES this year Olloclip announced it was making a case for the iphone that will work with the camera.  Check out the video here.  It's pretty awesome.  AND it will be out by the end of March.  That's just days away!

Hey Mom... this would make an awesome birthday present for someone who's birthday happens to be coming up in 34 days.  Even better if say someone wanted to buy the olloclip then someone else might want to buy the case and those two people could coordinate via email, right Jeremy?  :)  HINT HINT.

Oh, and if one were to desire to buy this awesome camera lens for someones birthday they might want to pick out the RED one for the iPhone 5 here.  (2nd one down)