Monday, July 13, 2009

A weekend update... why not.

I can't say anything particularly interesting has been going on, but I figured I'd throw up a new blog for those of you out there that are in dire need of something to distract them from work. This weekend was pretty uneventful, which meant it was great and relaxing. I did some working from Houston this week, so I was able to see Jeremy for 5 nights in a row! He was even so nice as to forgo a friends 2nd bachelor party for my surprise visit Wednesday night! Which brings up an interesting point... don't assume that just because your boyfriend ALWAYS goes grocery shopping on Wednesday night then comes home and relaxes, that he will just happen to do the same thing on the exact week that you're planning on surprising him. Fortunately I questioned his strange and unexpected Tuesday night grocery shopping trip, at which point he informed me of the bachelor party plans for Wednesday. So my little Wednesday night surprise became a Tuesday night over the phone surprise. It wasn't exactly the excited response I was going for, but since he knew how much trouble it was for me to get there on a Wednesday night, he so lovingly agreed to spend the night with me. (In my defense, the groom in question already had one bachelor party, and we are going to the wedding next week).

The rest of the weekend included a stop at Tokyo Bowl (best sushi ever), a UFC fight night at Randy's, a girls night out with Ami and friends, a bike ride, and a movie date to see Night at the Museum II. The movie was pretty good, but I'd have to say the first one is better. The bike ride went awesome. Started at 7am and did just about 40 miles in just over 2 hours. I knew we were riding fast, but I wasn't quite sure how fast. I think our average rolling speed was around 20-21mph, so including slowing down and stopping for all the lights along the way, we finished in about 2 hours 10 minutes. Though as we were finishing around 9:15am, it was already wicked hot out. I couldn't imagine doing the 60 mile route in that heat. The UFC fight night was also very interesting. Though the only real exciting part about watching a UFC fight is when one guy knocks the other guy out cold. I can't imagine that such a beating is really "good" for the body. In two of the three fights the loosing guy got knocked out cold by the subsequent winner. The first time it was pretty quick. You could see the guy just drop to the floor. But in the last fight, the bigger dood just pounded the grap out of the little guy. It was basically beating someone up who was already unconscious. Seemed a little unnecessary to me, but I guess good for television.

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