Monday, January 11, 2010

I love me some food...

After a long weekend of eating out, Sunday we decided that it would be best to eat in. So for breakfast I put together this caprese omelette. Basically it's an omelette made with basil, tomatoe, and mozzarella. I added pepper and cumin to the eggs, but in retrospect I should have added a bit more. I was very proud of the way this one turned out (although the picture isn't great). The most important part was how much I whisked the eggs. I beat the hell out of them (and added about 1/2 a tablespoon of water per egg to the mixture). The more ya beat 'em the more fluffy they'll be. (disclaimer: I'm only referring to eggs here, no humans or babies were harmed in the making of this omelette).

On Sunday Jeremy was very excited about using his new crock-pot. So we decided to head over to HEB in the morning and grab a pork shoulder and make some pulled pork sandwiches. Unfortunately they only had 6.5 lb pork shoulders and the lady at the butcher counter didn't seem very willing to help me out by cutting a smaller piece. So we decided that it would be a good opportunity to call our friends and have a small get together. When you have 6.5 lbs of pork on your hands, it just seems logical to call your friend, Moose, to help you out. Though I should say, 4 people and 8 pork sandwiches later, and there was still half the pork left. This is my favorite pulled pork recipe so I will share it with you here:

Pulled Pork (a la Bonnie)
x lbs of pork shoulder or pork butt (we used a 5 qt. crock-pot and 6.5 lbs was almost too much to fit)
Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce (Origional)
Pineapple Juice

Cut the pork into 2ish pound chunks. Place in crock pot. Pour over BBQ sauce and some pineapple juice. My mom uses a 1:1 ratio, but I prefer to make it a bit less sweet and we used about a 2:1 ratio of BBQ sauce : pineapple juice. Or basically 1 small bottle of BBQ sauce and about 6oz of pineapple juice. we also added a bit of water. You want to bring the liquid mixture about 3/4 up the way of the pork. Cook in crock pot on high for about 5-6 hours or on low about 8 hours (I just put it on in the morning before work, and it's nice and tender when I get home). When it falls off the bone and you can easily pull it apart with a fork, you know it's done.

Speaking of food. My boss showed me this great website today. Taste Spotting. I've already found a bunch of great recipes and I can't wait to look for more. Also, the link is conveniently located on the side of my blog in the blog roll.

Finally I bring up one more subject for ya'll. Le Creuset vs. Tramontina. Supposedly there's this company, Tramontina, from China that's making these dutch ovens very similar to the ones made by Le Creuset. Now, I haven't used either of them, yet, but I have read reviews that say the $50 Tramontina is just as good as the $250 Le Creuset, cooking wise. Since I haven't seen the Tramontina pieces up close, I can't comment on the looks of them yet. It will be interesting to see if they are as nice and functional as the Le Creuset pieces. Personally, I'm still looking forward to owning my own Le Creuset piece sometime in the near future. Though I am curious about not only this Tramontina stuff, but also this other brand that I saw at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend called Fontignac. If you have experience with any of these, please let me know what you think.

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