Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A new blog

I spent the 4th of July with Jeremy's family (all 60 of them) in Ohio. It was quite the party and I was able to grab some great shots of some of the kiddos at night with the fireworks. And by kiddos I mean some of Jeremy's younger cousins, as well as the older "boys" lighting off all the fireworks. Some of the pictures turned out great, considering I was just using my hand-held Canon SD880.

Which got me thinking. My friend, Merrick, is a great photographer. He also does a great job of displaying his photos on his website. And what better way to look at night snapshots than on a website with a black background and no text cluttering the screen (ie - not flickr.com).

So with the limited resources that I currently have (time & energy), I used blogger to put together another site to just display some of the photos that I like best. It's not exactly perfect yet, but in the future I'll work at it a bit more. For now, check out some of the pictures from the July 4th Picnic.

HERE for all the pictures (on Flickr)


HERE for the select night shots on my new photoblog.

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Kris Verdeyen said...

If you click "slideshow" on your flickr photo page, it shows them large and on a black background with minimal clutter. Also, I've used a browser plug-in called cooliris that makes flickr and google images look amazing.