Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

Happy New Year!

I would start off this post by telling you all about my New Year's resolutions. However, I have decided not to make any this year. I mean, hell, I could tell you that I'm going to "eat healthier" this year, but as I sit here munching on Christmas cutout cookies, I know that's a lie. And really, it's just a bad idea to start off the year lying to ourselves. Makes me wonder why so many people make New Years resolutions in the first place. Lies.

But I am excited today. I'm excited because I made one more wedding decision. I bought my garter. You know, it's funny. Some decisions are so difficult for me (the dress, the venue, the photographer), but this one was so easy. Maybe because it's really a teeny tiny decision in the grand scheme of things, but I saw this one and I was like, that is awesome. You want to see a picture? Okay. I really have no idea what the rules are on showing off your garter, and I figure most you will forget (or not care) by the time the big day arrives, so here ya go.

Blue is not actually on of my wedding colors, but I just liked this one so much, I went for it. I'll be excited to see what it looks like when it arrives in a few weeks.

We also started going through old photographs of ourselves and our parents. Here's a teaser for you.


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