Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jeremy & I are ENGAGED!

Oh wait, have I used that title before?

It's true, we are engaged, and have been since July 2010, however, we now have the pictures to prove it!

Earlier this month, Jeremy and I, and our awesome photographer, Beverly DeMafiles, got up at the crack of dawn and drove around downtown Austin to take some photos. Technically they're called our Engagement Photos even though we got engaged 8 months ago.

The full set is up on the wedding website, but I'm gonna take you a short tour of Austin with some select photos now.

First stop, Greetings From Austin! At the corner of South 1st and Anne lies this iconic mural. I love it. It's so fun, and says so much about Austin.

Next, take a walk around the corner and down the street.

After walking around South 1st for a while, we headed over to South Congress. I love South Congress Street. First, the shops and boutiques are awesome. Second the food, is great. Magnolia, Home Slice Pizza, South Congress Cafe... mmmm! Some of my favorite in all of Austin. Oh, and did I mention, HEY CUPCAKE!

After playing around South Congress, we took a few more shots at the park and then headed home for a while. Bev was nice enough to come out and meet us again at sunset to take some pictures overlooking downtown. We had to wait a while for the optimal sun, but in the end it was worth it. Here are a few shots at the Long Center overlooking downtown.

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