Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ohio Wedding Shower

Last weekend Jeremy and I traveled up to Ohio for a Wedding shower thrown by his parents, Paul and Sue. However, since I was about to start my new job at NASA (side note: I got a new job), I decided to spend some time with my parents and Matron of Honor, Karen.

After spending a day with my two flower girls and Karen, my parents and I got on the road. A 7 hour drive to Ohio soon turned into a 13 hour road trip. Including a stop at Roadside America and a 4 hour jaunt to Penn State. I miss college. Wouldn’t it be great to go back? Well, except for the classes part.

Sunday was our wedding shower. Jeremy and I had a awesome time. His mom did a great job preparing everything and there were about 80 people that showed up. Yes 80! Not only did Sue take over Paul’s garage and have the event catered, but she even had an Elvis impersonator come and sing. Oh yea, and not only did he sing, but Sue and Angela, Jeremy’s cousin, made us do a mock rehearsal in front of Elvis. Complete with a veil hat and bride/groom shirts. Angela also made this wonderful bow bouquet for me from the bows from my wedding shower gifts. Thanks Angela and Sue! And Paul too! I was so glad that my parents, Bonnie and Jeff, were able to make it out for the event.

Now it’s just about finishing the actual wedding planning and I’ll be all set! I really need to clean up this house so I can start working on the invitations.

Here are some pictures showing the full event and the road trip over to Ohio.

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