Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Seriously, how cool is this site? I had been hearing about Pinterest for a while now and I vaguely recall my friend, Christy, talking about it while we were both in the midst of wedding planning last year. However, it wasn't until today that I decided to jump on this bandwagon and give it a try. I think I was bored at work waiting for a program to compile, and decided it was the prime moment to do some pinning. Yes, that must have been it. After all, I would never be randomly searching the web or reading facebook at work unless it was for a good reason. ;)

So I signed up for Pinterest and was told I'd have to wait a few days for my invitation. Wait?!? What is this "waiting." No no, my Type-A personality just wouldn't stand for that. So I jumped on Facebook, while still waiting for my program to compile, of course, and requested that one of my friends (aka - 30 friends, and 70 people who I knew at one time or another) send me an invitation.

And this is what I love about Facebook. BAM! Within 15 minutes I had a nice invitation sitting in my inbox from Tracy. Thanks Tracy!

Before long I was pinning away. This site is awesome! I've already gotten a bunch of great food ideas for everything from desserts to dinners to appetizers. And the best part about Pinterest is that everything has a picture associated with it! I very rarely will use a recipe from a book that doesn't have a picture with it. What can I say, I eat with my eyes first.

I also love that I can add the "pin it" icon to my bookmark bar and pin from whatever website I happen to be on. It's especially great for sites like Tastespotting, because I can just link those links all to one of my Pinterest boards.

Finally, I love that you can select which boards of your friends that you want to see. Most of the people who I follow I go in and selectively "unfollow" any board that I'm just not that interested in. This especially helps to narrow down the pins that you see when you go to the "people I follow" section.

I hope that you get a chance to join Pinterest soon, and when you do, follow me so I can follow you!

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