Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taste Of Home

I recently purchased a magazine at the grocery store called Taste of Home Cookies. I've decided to work my way through the magazine only deviating by 1-2 cookies, but always coming back to the ones that I've skipped before moving on. Every few cookies I'll try to write up a quick blog spot and let you know what I thought.

The first cookie I started with was Nutty Butter Munchies. As the name states, these are quite nutty. They have a good, very tasty base flavor and the trick of pressing them out with a sugared glass before baking them allows the cookie to stay soft in the center but get a little crunchy around the edges. Although the batter tastes very strong of almond, the baked cookies have a nice harmony of peanut, almond, and pecan. Overall, a tasty cookie, though I can't say anything about them 'wowed' me. The reactions at work were positive, but again, no one was blown away. I'll keep this recipe in my back pocket and probably whip it out again someday, but it won't make it into my top 20.

Next up, Honey Lemon Cookies. These were actually the first cookies in the magazine, but last week I just didn't have time to get them all out of the oven, cooled and then iced. So they are finally making an appearance tonight. Off the bat what I'm not happy about with this recipe is that if you follow it exactly, then you'll be needing 3 bowls. That's a lot of dishes to clean at the end of the night. -1 point. Also, note that they do not spread out, so feel free to cram 12 of them per cookie sheet. I used a small cookie scoop so they turned out to be about 1.5" in diameter. Perfectly bite size. And now the taste test....

Chewy, a hint of honey, a bit of lemon, but ... eh. They definitely need the glaze on top, and probably two passes of glaze. The cookies themselves could use a bit more lemon, maybe double. It has potential, but again, probably won't make my top 20. I have another lemon cookie that just blows this out of the water. HERE!

Stay tuned for Chocolate Lovers Dream Cookies and Chocolate Pecan Kisses!

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