Thursday, August 16, 2012

And that's why you shouldn't be responsible

A few days ago I headed over to and picked out a few new pairs of heels to try out, including these:

cute, right?

Anyway. Since I had just gone though this whole "pick out 5 pairs of running shoes and try them all on for a few days until I find one I like" adventure, I decided that I wasn't going to place my zappos order until I got the money back from the 4 pair of shoes I had just sent back to (also free shipping both ways BTW).

So I waited, and since I'm so bad about getting to the post office, I finally just got the box out yesterday afternoon. You could argue that I still haven't gotten my money back, but since my going to the post office was the long pole in that return, I considered it close enough.

I placed my order on zappos this morning.

But much to my dismay those cute shoes were no longer on sale. Instead they went from $64 back up to $79!

$15. That almost made me reconsider. Almost. But not really.

And that's why you shouldn't try to be responsible. Cause it'll just cost you an extra 15 bucks.

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