Sunday, April 28, 2013

RNASA Awards

This year the X1 Exoskeleton Team was nominated for an RNASA Awards.  RNASA is the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement and it is quite the honor to even be nominated.  I was fortunate enough to get to represent the team at the awards banquet last Friday night in Houston, TX.

There were 134 nominees from across the country in 4 total categories.  In the Team category there were 29 nominations, and although we didn't win, it was such an honor to even be there.

This banquet is like the who's who of space.  Charles Bolden, Gene Krantz, Gene Cernan, Colonel Tom Safford, Mike Griffin, Eileen Collins, Michael Foreman, Nicole Stott, Sandra Magnus, and more I can't even remember.  I was star stuck every time I turned around and it was really hard to contain myself from going up to some of these people and asking for a picture.  (I didn't)  Mostly we just eased dropped on their conversations and tried to pretend that we fit in :)

Because this banquet is such a big deal, it also meant that we had to dress to the nines.  Fancy fancy fancy.   Jeremy rented a tux, and I was in a long dress. (My boss even called me at 5pm to make sure I was dressed appropriately.  Thanks for the confidence Ron).

Since it was staged and presented like the Oscars, and since I'm sure you want to know, I will tell you all about my dress.

Designer: Unknown
Store: Goodwill
Price: $10
Alterations to fit a 34 week pregnant lady: $22
Total Cost: $32

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