Friday, January 23, 2015

Hiking the Cataract Trail

Last weekend we had made plans to hike the trail to the Alamere falls, however, we quickly realized that the hike was 8 miles round trip.  Not so much a problem for Jeremy and I, but we weren't so sure that Max was up for the challenge.

As I was reading reviews for the Alamere falls trial, I came across the Cataract trail.  A 3 mile round trip hike following a beautiful waterfall, lush green fauna, and a nice picnic area.

As it turned out, Max actually stayed the entire 3 miles in his backpack!  Amazing.

The picnic area was half way, so it was a nice spot to take a break, have lunch, and let Max run around.

This is definitely one of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area.  It reminded me a lot of hiking in Costa Rica and some parts of Hawaii.

During my search I also came across THIS SITE.  About some other great Bay Area hikes.  I'll have to check them out soon!

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