Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Waitlist

As I mentioned in my last post, last week I contacted Dr. Hertle's office and spoke with his assistant.  She was very nice and took the time to answer all my questions.  Not that I had many at the time.  I was so worked up that I was shaking.  Fortunately she was very nice and helped calm my nerves a bit.

After our phone call she sent me some paperwork and by the next day we were on the waitlist.

We ARE on the waitlist.


I'm still not sure how to handle all this.  I'm so glad that the waitlist is 4-5 months out, because there's no way I could make such a life changing decision at this point.

As for Jesse, he's doing great.  Over the last week he's made eye contact with me a few times.  His eyes into mine.  It was pure happiness.

For the most part he still looks up when he laughs, and when he looks forward he clearly sees something but  you can tell he's not really looking at it.  Or at least it doesn't seem like he is.  He hasn't developed any head tilt yet and his eyes don't seem to be drifting to the left as much as he was before.

But this kid is on track, or very close to, for most of his milestones.  He has great head and neck control, he can push up and look around when on his belly, and tonight he used the couch to balance for a few seconds standing up.  Yea, he loves standing.  If he's standing he's usually laughing.

He also reaches out to grab things and gets pissed off when something is out of his reach because he doesn't think he can crawl to it yet.  He tries, but mostly he just goes in circles.  This baffles me since he's always up against the head of his crib by morning, so clearly he know's how to move forward!

Tomorrow we are going to call Dr. Lingua's office and talk to his staff.  His procedure is a bit different from Dr. Hertle's or Dr. Garet's in that he cuts 2-3 muscles around the eye but does not reattach them.  There's a bit of controversy in the field about his work, but I'm going to talk to everyone that I can that might be able to help Jesse before I make a decision about what is right for him.

Part IV: A Second Opinion

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