Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's been a while...

So I guess it's been over a months since I posted something to this. Lots of new things to talk about and lots of crazy stuff happening in my life.

First, I went to France with my parents for 9 days. That was super fun. We saw Paris, Mont St. Michel, Normandy, Bruges, Amserterdam, Rotterdam, and Diana. You can check out my photo site to see some of the pictures. Yea, I know, I need to get flickr but I just haven't done that yet.

Since then I've been traveling like a mad woman! I've been to houston a whole bunch, a wedding in south carolina, and this weekend I'm planning on going back to PA for two days to see karen and the girls and my parents. I'm also planning a wine tour and a mexico trip for this fall... oh yea, and a trip to Disney to see my friend, Rachael, get married.

I'm also getting a new car! yay! I've FINALLY decided on a black mazda 3 hatchback with a moon roof and a Bose sterio system. I'm pretty excited, and i'm sure my friends are super happy about not having to listen to me try to decide on a color anymore. It was a long process and I'm so bad at making decisions. But I decided that black is the way to go, as it was the first one that really attracted my attention to the car, and well, i'll just have to learn how to keep it clean, or let it be dirty all the time.

Also, my friend, Heather, made this freaken awesome scarf for me. She's super talented at this knitting thing. I haven't seen it done yet, but the first part of it that I saw, looked super sweet.

And finally, I managed to sign up for the 25th anniversary of the MS150 ride this April 18/19, 2009. There were 13,000 spots and they filled up in 6 hours! That's a new record I think. I'll also be doing a 'training' ride two weeks before that, riding the Galveston 1/2 ironman relay.

So yea, I guess that gets us caught up. I'll try harder to post to this thing in the future.

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