Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Limestoner is over... and my parents are coming this week!

So first, the Limestoner recap. Last Thursday we made a collective decision to push the Limestoner to Sunday instead of Saturday. The threat of rain for Saturday was still about 30% and it was supposed to pour all day on Friday, thus making the rock very wet to climb on Saturday. So we pushed it, and so the weather decided to turn. Saturday turned out to be "okay," in that it didn't rain at all, but it was cloudy and overcast all day and the rock was still very wet from Friday. Then Sunday came... and so did the rain! It rained from about 8am - 11am. Not pouring rain, but the nice steady pain in the butt type rain. Fortunately we have a lot of dedicated climbers here in Austin and about 40 people registered for the comp, even though it was raining all during registration. And also, fortunately, it was still relatively warm. By about 11am the rain had stopped and the clouds were beginning to part. After crawling out of the car (where I was hiding after I got everyone registered), we walked down to check out some of the climbing activity. As the clouds continued to lift, so did peoples spirits, and by 3pm people were pretty happy and just having a good time. There will still a few clouds in the sky but the sun was shinning brightly and it got really warm. Overall it turned out to be a good day and we even made a little money. Which is great considering the weather we had to work with. I'm told that Joe's slideshow went great, but I only stayed for part of it, because I was dead tired from the day. Check out ctmrocks.com for updates on who won what categories. Congrats to everyone who won and thanks to everyone who showed up!!!

Also, my parents are coming into town this weekend! They are coming in Thursday afternoon and will be here through Monday morning. We may try to go downtown and check out some of the free SXSW shows and at some point I'm going to take them to the saltlick, and probably go out to Rodeo Austin. We'll probably also work on the yard out front, relax in my new patio furniture, and grill some steaks and fish. If we're really motivated, we may try to put a light out back by the grilling area so one doesn't have to use a headlamp at night to grill. It's going to be a fun weekend. Oh yea, and did I mention that Jeremy hasn't met my parents yet? It could be an interesting weekend.

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Tanner said...

Awww, jealous. I want to go to SXSW too! Damnit, why doesn't Austin have any aerospace work. Tell your parents I say Hi.