Monday, February 1, 2010

Just trying to be helpful...

This weekend Jeremy and I went up to the Triangle to check it out and see about these two restaurants; one a grilled cheese shop and the other a yogurt place. First the yogurt place. Saturday night our friends told us about this yogurt place where you can pick out your own flavor yogurt then add whatever toppings you want, like fruit, candy, etc. Now, I don't know why, but I had just assumed that he was talking about breakfast yogurt. You know, like yogurt from Yoplait. I don't know why, but the idea of this being frozen yogurt just never crossed my mind. And I was like, huh that's a really neat idea, breakfast yogurt you make yourself. So we went in, and decided to try a few flavors. At $0.39 per ounce I figured a few samples shouldn't be too bad. We decided to try mango, peanut butter, cake batter, and cream cheese. When we got to the counter two things happened. First, I had the revelation that it was frozen yogurt. And it hit me like a bolt of lightening. Like, ooooooh, that's what he meant! Even as I was dispensing it out of the machine, it just never crossed my mind that I was going to eat frozen yogurt. I don't know why. Needless to say, the idea was now much less novel, because there are frozen yogurt stores all over the place. Secondly, I realized that our few small samples cost $2.10. Now, $2.10 is not a lot, but for the tiny amount of yogurt that we had, it seemed a bit much. Especially since the containers they give you are huge. If you filled one of these things up as a dessert for yourself, you'd be looking at $8-$10 easily. I can only suspect that they are charging you at least $0.60 for the dish, I mean, that thing surely weighs at least 1-2 oz itself.

Besides the frozen yogurt place, we also checked out the grilled cheese restaurant, I believe it's called Chedd's. I was pleasantly surprised at the experience we had here, minus one point. First the good: The grilled cheese. I was impressed how many different bread options they had, and how many different cheese choices were available. Probably at least 20. Plus lots of extra toppings including meat if you chose to make it into a panini of sorts. Jeremy and I both settled with basic grilled cheese (with tomato added to mine). Both were very tasty. Now onto the bad: the soup. Jeremy ordered a small tomato basil soup. Now, the soup itself tasted okay, nothing special really, but the problem was it was SCALDING HOT. Like burn the f**k out of your mouth hot. And not only for a few minutes, no, we had to wait easily over 5 minutes to *try and taste this stuff. At this point I told Jeremy that the soup was way to hot and they should never serve it this way. I mean, hell, it was hotter than coffee, and I wasn't prepared to sit there for 20 minutes to sip it either. So I decided to say something to the workers as some constructive criticism. Jeremy, of course being very uncomfortable with this, insisted that I wait until he go to the bathroom before I say something. So I do, and then I politely walk up to the counter and say, "excuse me, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your grilled cheese (always start with the complement), however, I wanted to let you know that the soup is really way too hot." Instantly the guy got defensive. He's like "Well, we have to keep it that hot by food inspection regulations." Then he takes a look at the temperature gauge and says "yep, that's how hot they require it to be. If they come in here and it's not that hot, we'll get hit with a fine." At which point I'm thinking two things. 1) Have you been though this already? Cause you seem to know about the exact temperature and the health code off the top of your head. and 2) there are a thousand other restaurants in this town that serve soup and NONE of them serve them so f'en hot that they give you third degree burns. So now we leave and I'm thinking to myself, maybe I should just report this guy just to make his life miserable. Really, all you had to say was "I'm sorry it was too hot, we'll look into it." Jerk.

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Christen Ales said...

What was the name of the yogurt place? I've been to Yum you by the Austin Music Hall and I love it! Pistachio is my fav!