Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cupcake Decorating Party

Last weekend I threw a cupcake decorating party for some of my friends in Houston. From the start, I knew this would be a lot of work, so I decided to limit the group to 11 plus me. This actually worked out very well, as I only had enough table space and chairs for that many, plus, as most of you baker types know, it's much easier to make 12 cupcakes than it is 13 or 14.

I started off making all the cupcakes. Since I go overboard on just about everything that I do, thanks mom, I picked out 8 different recipes that I'd been dying to try out. First the basics: vanilla buttercream, red velvet, devils food cake. Then the more unique: roasted banana (awesome), mint chocolate, zucchini spice, Guinness stout, white chocolate with raspberry filling. This took a while, but I really enjoyed making all the different types, and I'm glad that I did. The roasted banana turned out to be my most favorite. Then came time to making the icing. Fortunately, I have a very awesome boyfriend who was willing to help me out. Unfortunately for him, he did not realize at the beginning that he'd be making ALL the icing himself... yep, all 5 different kinds, totaling 8 batches. At this point I was running short on time, so while he was making the icings I was preparing the sample cupcakes for everyone to look at and copy. It was so great having his help, because I would have never finished on time. As it was, I was pushing it very close. But we did finish before all my guests arrived.

Below are some pictures of my sample cupcakes. The party was a huge success and everyone seemed to love it. I taught them all kinds of different techniques and even handed out packets with all the recipes and decorating instructions in them. You can see all the pictures from the party HERE.

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