Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bluebonnets... a Texas tradition.

This past weekend was wonderful. Not only did I get to see Phantom of the Opera, but I also got to take pictures in the bluebonnets. For those of you that don't know, having your picture taken in the bluebonnets is somewhat of a Texas tradition. The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas, and each spring they bloom along the highways and fields for about 3 weeks. It's absolutely beautiful. At this time thousands of people go out searching for the perfect bluebonnet patch to take snapshots of their loved ones. Since we were about two weeks early for the large bloom, we couldn't go out searching for them in the hill country, but we did find a patch at a church near my house. Jeremy was very patient with me and let me take about 200 pictures. Since I was using a small tripod and a makeshift stand of books and picnic baskets, it took quite a while to set up the camera just as I wanted. But I think overall they turned out pretty good. I put about 30 of them up on my flickr page, including some that we took at the park while waiting for some friends. HERE.

I also have an update on my neighbor yard drainage situation. After asking her to remove the pipe and ditch she dug into my yard, I awoke the next morning to see that she had in fact disconnected the drain pipe from the downspout. Great. However a few days later I went out to find that while the drain pipe wasn't "reconnected," it was however sitting right next to the downspout and of course pointing directly into my yard. It was time for Plan B. Plan B, I must say, is still a considerate plan. I walked over to her house and used a large bucket of rocks to position the drain pipe back onto her property and directly at her house. I have yet to fill in the drain hole with soil but I'm thinking that will be part of Plan C, should it come to that. I should also mention that Plan C may or may not also involve a reciprocating saw. I just don't understand how you can intentionally divert your water onto your neighbors yard, dig a trench in their yard, and somehow think this is okay. I'm baffled.

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