Friday, November 5, 2010

1 Week Later... And some exciting news!

First, the exciting news. Jeremy and I have chosen a date and a venue! Yes, we are very excited. What is that date and venue you ask? We'll, you'll just have to wait to find out! Unless of course you are one of the few who are lucky enough to be privy to that information this early. But now that we have a date picked, I feel like a giant stop watch has started and is counting down the days, hours, seconds! So much to do, so little time! Next goal: pick a photographer and a band!

And now, a fire update...

It's been a week since my house first caught fire. Within two days of the fire, my wonderful contractors, Paul Davis Restoration, already had the house gutted. All the furniture, clothing, etc out. They were wonderful. There were no less than 10-15 people there each day working on the house.

On Monday my insurance claim agent was out to look at the damage and write up his initial report and to get things started.

First goal, get the ceilings ripped down in each room to assess the damage to the roof. The initial feeling is that 50-60% of the roof is damaged. I don't yet know if they'll be replacing the whole roof, or just half the roof, but I should know in a few days.

The garage and its contents are pretty much totaled, so that part of the house will be torn down to the ground and rebuilt.

The siding is destroyed on two sides of the house, so we have yet to determine if they will replace all the siding or just those two sides. It seems odd to me that they would only replace two sides of my house, but if it looks bad, I'll fight back.

My housing situation seems to be getting worked out. I convinced my claims agent to let me stay in an extended stay place for 3 months instead of moving to an apartment. I'm happy about this because I dont' have to deal with moving crap around a lot and I don't have to sign an apartment lease, deal with utilities, cable, etc.

So that's about where I stand. Hopefully the work order from the contractor will be completed by Monday and they'll get approval for destruction by early next week.

I'm hoping to move back into the house by the end of January, but we'll see.

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