Friday, December 3, 2010

House Update - 1 Month Later

Well it's been one month since my dryer caught fire and my house burnt to a crisp.

You'd think by now they have a good start on the place, but since we are dealing with insurance here, clearly that's not the case.

Last Wednesday (11.30.10) the more-or-less final estimate was agreed to by myself, my insurance adjuster, and my contractor. Some interesting points:

1. They are going to give me a full new roof (yay!)
2. They are going to put insulation in all my exterior walls as part of a code upgrade (yay!)
3. They are going to rewire my whole house as part of a code upgrade (yay!)

Besides those three points, they are basically stripping the house down to bare wood, removing all (or mostly all) they drywall, tearing down the garage, and then rebuilding it all. Currently they have removed most of the drywall in the house and have started the slow cleanup from that. They will next clean the studs and seal them with "anti-smell" stuff.

Before they put the drywall back up, I'll have to decide what cables I may want to run throughout the house and what type of exterminators I may want to have come in and spray. I guess that will be on my to-do list for next week.

I also get to take this chance to do a different type of roof if I want, metal maybe? And change up the lighting around the house. I'm thinking can lighting in the living room and new ceiling fans in the other rooms. Probably add a ceiling fan to the guest bedroom and a bathroom vent to the, well bathroom.

Also at some point in the near future, I'm going to have to pick out paint colors for the rooms. That's such a daunting task.

Total cost of rebuilding the house (excluding contents clean/replace): $70,000

Thank goodness for insurance and low deductibles!

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