Monday, June 6, 2011


I am exhausted. Every day I think I'm going to come home and work on something fun, secret, but fun. (yea yea, you won't get to find out until after October). Anyway. Everyday I come home to have 'me' time, and every day there's something the contractor has screwed up that I have to deal with.

We're down to three unresolved items yet. Garage floor - needs to be refinished, Kitchen blinds - that's a whole story in itself, Crawl Space Door.

The crawlspace door is finally fixed, but not yet fully painted. This isn't a big task, but something that should get done.

The garage floor was refinished Friday, but the constant 100+ temperatures here in Austin have made the drying a little weird, and they need to add a finishing coat to the top. That will be done tomorrow. Okay, I can't really blame them for this, except that it should have been handled weeks ago.

Then there are the kitchen blinds. ugh. For some reason in the last 6 months, PDR (paul davis restoration) failed to mention that the roller blinds were tarnished in the fire. Okay, makes sense, but would have been much less of a pain in the ass had I known about it 6 months ago. Instead I just found out two weeks ago. So David, my new supervisor on the job, told me he was going to replace them.

He couldn't find the roller shades, so he asked me if this other kind was okay. Sure, they looked fine. So he buys them and sends me a message while I'm in Houston that weekend.

David - "The blinds for the kitchen cannot be cut down to fit inside the window. I can put the larger size on the face of the window or special order the size to fit inside the window. Which do you want me to do?"

Me - "Inside the window. Don't block the pine trim. You should have measured. ;)"

David - "I did. They didn't have the inside size in stock."

Okay, seriously, WTF? Fixing something wrong is not fixing it at all.

So he orders the size that will fit... or so I think.

Today he stops by with the new blinds and hangs one of them in the kitchen. An event that took him over 30 minutes. When I look at the blind I realize that it's too narrow. So I tell him. "David, these don't fit" At which point he tells me that my windows are 30" and they only make this blind in 29" and 31".

"It looks okay." He tells me.


At this point I tell him he needs to take them down, return them, and then leave. I'm uber frustrated. Seriously, why did you recommend a blind to me that didn't come in the size window that I had? Why would you pick a blind that will either be 1" too wide or 1" too narrow?

This is what I have to come home to. I'd rather be at work for 16 hours a day.

Don't even get me started about how the front door step and the front door are different shades of red, even though they were supposed to be the same color. It makes my head hurt.

Oh yes, then there's my insurance agent, who told me on Friday that he would review my landscaping bid Monday morning and get back to me ASAP. Yea, it's 9:48 monday evening. You think he'll still call sometime before midnight? So much for getting on the landscapers schedule this week.

Very sad face. :(

So yes, now I am exhausted. But tomorrow will be a big day (not contractor or house or work related). So I'm going to sleep now. Good night.

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