Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm not much of a gambler...

This past week Jeremy and I went on vacation out west with the first and last night of our trip spent in Las Vegas.  I'm not much of a gambler, mainly because I don't like losing money, but I'm pretty good at picking the colors of roulette.  Yea I know its a 50/50 shot, but I'm still really good at it.  

I made Jeremy stop by one of the tables so I could stand and watch.  I got the next four colors right. (I told you I had a gift)  Jeremy asked if I wanted to pay, but at $10 minimum bet I was sure my magical guessing abilities would disappear as soon as the $10 hit the table, so I walked away.   I hate loosing money.

I spent the rest of the trip not gambling at all, but by the time we got to the airport I felt like I just couldn't leave Vegas without playing a little.  So I decided to play the few slot machines in the terminal.  Here's a glimpse at how the next 5 minutes went.

Me:  Can I have $2 to play the slot machines.  I haven't played at all since we've been here.

J:  Yes.  Why don't you play those machines so it will last longer (pointing to the five cent machines across the way).

Me:   No, I want to play that one.  (pointing to the sparkle one for $0.25 standing near me)

Jeremy rolled his eyes and handed me the $2.  7 spins later...

Me:  Look, I won $0.25!

J:  (Looking at the machine and three blank spaces)  That makes no sense. 

Me:  Yes, but I still won.

2 spins and 5 seconds later, I turned back to Jeremy...

Me:   Can I have $1?

J:   No.

Me:   Please, I want to play those machines (pointing to the five cent machines)

J:   Why?

M:  Because it will last longer.

J:  Fine, I'm going to the bathroom.

(Jeremy returns)

Me:   At one point I was up to 21 credits,  it's like I won five cents at one point.

J:   But you only have 3 credits now.

Me:  That's not the point Jeremy.

10 seconds later

Me:  Okay one more dollar.

J:  No.

M:  Please.

J:  ugh   (clearly annoyed at my amusement with loosing money five cents at a time)

Me:  Look, I won ten because I played two credits.

J:  You should cash out now.

Me:   No, that's not fun.

(30 seconds later)

Me:  Okay, I'm done now.

J:   Good.  You have to carry the bag since you lost $4.

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