Monday, June 11, 2012

Knock Knock...

If you read my blog from June 4th and followed that to the story about the big metal chicken then there really is nothing more I need to explain. The picture says it all. If not, then you need to go read it. Now!

I found this beauty on Burnet road in north Austin. I tried to convince Jeremy that we actually did need a giant metal chicken, but unfortunately we had my car and that bad boy just wasn't going to fit. But then it got me thinking, metal chicken, pretty darn cool, but what about a giant dinosaur eating another dinosaur?

Or a giraffe? After all, our guest room is African themed. We could sneak it into the bedroom after our guests fall asleep and just hover it over the bed. Then they would wake up with the same level of horrification that Jeremy has on his face here...

(the little one is ONLY $250. I mean its almost worth it just to hear the screams from someone waking up to a tall giraffe towering over them. Or we could sneak it into our friends yards when they are least expecting it. Imagine opening the door to that in the morning) Hum. Maybe its a good thing I only have a little car now, otherwise who knows how that trip may have ended.

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