Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rocky Raccoon

From July through September the weather rarely dips below 95 degrees in Texas. However, if you can make it through the summer, the fall will usually reward you.

Earlier today Jeremy and Brandon, ran a 25k trail run in Huntsville, TX. We packed up the car and headed up north for the night for some perfect camping. This is the time of year when you don't so much mind living in Texas. 75 degree days, 60 degree nights. Never mind the gaggle of boyscouts taking over the campgrounds, the weather was too perfect to care.

The race started this morning at 7am. Being the supportive wife that I am, I told Jeremy not to worry about the tent, I would hold down the fort until he was finished running. I know, its hard work, but someone has to do it.

It's just too nice in here to really care about anything else.

This little guy kept trying to get in my tent.

I did manage to get up and pack up the tent with enough time to go meet them at the finish.

Here's Jeremy just after finishing. (The iphone camera was too slow to catch him in mid run, he's just too fast!)

Nice run Jeremy & Brandon!

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