Monday, June 16, 2008

Crits All Weekend

So, I wasn't going to post again until after I got my doggie, but I wanted to tell everyone about the AMLI Crit this weekend. It's downtown near 2nd and Lavaca and will be packed with people and riders from around the country. Be sure to check it out. The Jrs. race starts at 2pm and the Men's PRO race at 8:15, with lots of other categories in between. It's really a lot of fun.

Also, the Thursday night Crit series will be having a PRO night this week, due to the AMLI Crit on Saturday. See you there!

UPDATE: There will also be a Crit on Sunday at the Austin State Hospital. The eRacing Stigma Crit starts at 9am with the Cat 4 Women, and the Pro 1 Men's group is at 1:10pm, with lots of other races before, after, and in between.

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