Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doggies and Crits

So this weekend was the AMLI Crit in downtown Austin. It was also my first weekend with my new dog, Dante. I've taken lots of pictures of him and posted them HERE. Before he came home Friday night, I decided to give the cats a bath so they would look all nice and fresh for him... they weren't too excited. Saturday morning I immediately took him out to Reimers for some climbing and he did really well with the other dogs and hiking. Saturday afternoon he had to stay home while I watched the AMLI Crit downtown. There were just too many people, and he was already a bit stressed from getting a new home.

As a side note... on the way downtown to the crit, I tried to jump a curb on my new bike, and ended up face first on the pavement with the rear axle of my bike crashing down upon my head. Fortunately, I had a spare shirt with me to soak up all the blood, and eventually about 6 hours later, it stopped bleeding. I probably should have gone to the hospital, but I was really excited about watching the crit. Above, are two pictures from the race. The picture on the left is from the pro race, and the picture on the right is from the mens cat 123 race. It was an awesome day, besides the head cut, and all the racers did really well.

On Sunday, Dante came with to the Austin St. Hospital Crit, and he enjoyed being outside with the other doggies. He's really such a sweetheart, and loves other dogs. This crit was a little more low key, so he did very well. I also took him to the dog park and let him play in the water for a few hours. Man, he loves the water!

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