Wednesday, November 5, 2008

349 to 163

349 to 163, 52% to 46%, 62 million to 55 million... no matter how you look at it, yesterday history was made. I think by the time election day came around, we all expected it to happen, but everyone was a little cautious to get excited. For me, and probably most of the world, the defining moment came when they called Ohio for Barack Obama... of course followed by Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, and New Mexico... big swing states that helped him clinch the victory and bring him into the spotlight as the president elect... and first African-American President. Now for me, I don't really see race as so much an issue, as I think it will be nice to have someone in office who is a little younger, a little more in touch with the people, and a much much more motivating speaker than G.W. Bush. After all, that last part won't be too hard. I'm excited about the policies and the change that he will attempt to bing about in Washington. And I am excited about the initial impact that he has already had on the country. Stocks are rallying, people care a little bit more, and voter turnout was in record numbers. Of course we can't give him all the credit for this, but surely he had a big impact.

Though as happy as I am for Barack Obama today, and for our country. I can't help but hope a little, that John McCain stays around Washington and does his part to help this country pull out of the recession we find ourselves in. No one ever said that John McCain was a bad man, he just wasn't the right man for right now. Perhaps 8 years ago would have been different. Now Sarah Palin.. well, that's a whole other subject that we don't need to get into right now.

For now, we can be excited about our future and the future of this country. The first 100 days in office start in about 2 months, and then we will see if this man, Barack Obama, truly has what we believe he has... the ability to make this country strong again.

"out of many, we are one" - Barack Obama, election night speech, 11-4-08


Heather said...

Frickin' well put!

Sarah said...

ugh, that is so disturbing!