Monday, November 24, 2008

The weekend before...


So Thanksgiving is next weekend, and this weekend was just as hectic. A few side items to note before I get into the heart of the weekend. First of all, Texas Tech was a complete disaster this weekend. If you didn't see the game, Oklahoma totally walked all over them. This highly anticipated game was the biggest joke ever and wasn't even worth watching after the 1st quarter. Tech didn't even have a chance, and yet, somehow, Oklahoma is only #3 to #2 Texas. If you ask me that's a rip off for Oklahoma.

So this weekend... Six of us went out to the Texas Hill Country and did a wine trip weekend. It was awesome! We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg called Das College Haus. It was awesome and very beautiful. The first day we went to five wineries. Now, this was a bit much. Not becuase of what you may think though. It wasn't the 'drunk' aspect, as much as it was combining too many different types of wine throughout the day. While the tastings were fun, I think most of us were feeling a bit sick at the end of the day. We went to Grape Creek Vineyard, Torre De Petra, Becker Vineyard, Sister Creek, and Woodrose Winery. On the way to Sister Creek we stopped at this little place off the beaten path to eat lunch. It was called the Alamo General Store and Cafe, and it was awesome. Something you'd see out of Diners Drive-in's and Dives. And the burgers were wonderful. It's also practically the only place to eat anywhere close to Sister Creek. Sister Creek is located in Sisterdale, TX just south of Fredericksburg, TX and has a population of 25. The wines here weren't so great, but Betsy did get to buy herself a wine barrel! It's going to make a cool addition to their back porch. Woodrose was also and okay winery but the wines were only so-so.

The second day we went to only two wineries. We all felt this was a better idea. First we woke up and the girls did some shopping in Fredericksburg while the boys went to the store to get some stuff for a picnic lunch. After that we went first to Lost Creek Vineyard. This is home to buddy's select wine. They just finished rebuilding after the 2006 floods, and the new building is beautiful. We hung out here for a little while and bought a bottle of wine to relax on the deck. Then we headed to Stone House Winery. It's a toss up between Flat Creek and Stone House, but I think that I like the property of Flat Creek best, but the wines at Stone House. Seriously, almost every wine was wonderful! This turned out to be an expensive place to go. But we did a tasting here, then we ate lunch and proceeded to finish off 3 bottles of wine.

Needless to say, the weekend was awesome and now I have a LOT of wine to drink. Check out the pictures here!

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