Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update

A few fun things happened this weekend. First I went to the UT/Baylor game. I must say, as much as Baylor was playing terrible this year, for the first half of the game UT couldn't seem to get their game together either. It was starting to look like a repeat of last week, only last week Tech was actually playing well, and this week UT was just coming down to Baylors level. At one point the score was 14 to 14, and Baylor looked like they might actually have a chance to win the game. Fortunately for UT, after an interception pass by Baylor, the UT players seemed to realize that they needed to wake up, just a little, and put forth some energy if they wanted to win the game. And win they did. We left in the third quater, just after UT failed to hit a field goal from the 2 yard line. Both teams looked terrible, but eventually UT decided to play and dominated the game. I forget the final score, but it was something around 50 to 21. Though I will say though, for all the hype that UT has been getting for the last few months, they certainly are not playing like a #1 team... if they were playing like a #1 team, then they would have never allowed Baylor to get 21 points on the board.

After the UT game, a few of us went to Waterloo for some beers and to watch the Penn State/Iowa game. Fortunately for me, I left during the first half and didn't have to watch the last 15 seconds where Penn State let Iowa take away their chances at a National Title. Of course, many claim that no one in the Big Ten could take down a Big Twelve team this year, but for now, it appears that we won't even get that match up. Chances are Penn State will still have the chance at the Big Ten title, and a good bowl game, but most likely Tech or Alabama or UT or Florida will face off against each other and take home the National Title.

But enough about football. Onto something more exciting. The Crutchfield Ground Loop Noise Isolation that I ordered last week, finally came in. And let me tell you, it works great! I'm so happy that I can play my IPOD and charge it at the same time without feedback noise. I would suggest anyone that has this problem, to order one of these things online. It's very small, and until Mazda does a recall to fix this issue (which I'm told they are actually working on), this is the best you're going to get.

Also this weekend, I had the chance to visit Flat Creek Estate Winery. It was my first wine tasting ever, and it was so much fun! Of course they have this little guide there to tell you how to describe your wine, but I just defaulted to "i like this one, or i don't like this one." But hey, baby steps. I bought a bottle of their Super Texan red wine, and a bottle of their Port wine. While I'm not much of a Port person, I thought it would be fun to have at the house one day when I have some company over for games. Though I suppose that would require me to purchase a dinning room table, but one thing at a time. I'm getting off track. Anyway, this is a beautiful winery and I would recommend anyone who has a few hours free one afternoon to go up there and check it out. The wine tasting is only $5 a person or $10 for the 'diva' tasting (aka - you get to sample the port and take the glass home with you), and they have even opened a new bistro where you can enjoy lunch!

Lastly, I'll be in Mexico this weekend, climbing at El Potrero Chico! Jen is flying in from Colorado for the weekend, and it should be a great group going. Look for stories next week!

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