Sunday, February 3, 2013

Leg Workout

After trying on my Mardi Gras costume, I realized two things.

First, this was not designed for a pregnant lady.  What is supposed to lie below my belly button, is now just below my boobs, making it very very necessary to add a black petticoat to the ensamble.

Second, I am not happy with my legs.  I can't say I've ever really been that thrilled with my thighs, but at least my calfs were always in amazing shape from biking.  But now that I've stopped doing that, they too have gone to hell.  So I came up with a new workout routine, and I just completed day #4.  It's pretty rough, but not horrible (well maybe some parts).  And, on the plus side, it's not really cardio at all, so I can do it while pregnant without getting myself too worked up, which I'm told is bad for the baby.

My current schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and once on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.

15   Lunges (per leg)
15   Squats
20   Calf Raises (per leg, last 5 do in slow motion holding at the top, 5 lb weight in the opposite hand)
12   Jump Squats
15   Reverse Lunges (per leg)
20   2nd Position Squat Plie Heel Rases
15   Squats
15   Step Ups (per leg)
20   Abduction pulls with bands (per leg, attach the band around the foot, secure with other foot)
20   Adduction pulls with bands (per leg)
15   Side Lunges (per leg, with weight)
25   Clam Shells (per leg)
15   Squats
10   Jump Lunges (per leg)
Repeat one more time
10   Squats (you know, cause you're already at 90, might as well make it 100!)
Finish with a mile walk

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Christine said...

That's impressive! I feel tired just reading that. I ran stadiums until I was 7mon pregnant with Julia but couldn't do anything while pregnant w Luke (hip issue). Stay active as long as you can and I am sure you will be in shape soon after that little man pops out!