Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial day weekend was awesome. I headed to Houston on Friday afternoon to meet up with my friends, Phil and Heather, for a few days. On Friday night a friend was nice enough to take us to the Houston Astro's game, then we went out to the Flying Saucer for a few drinks. Saturday we all chilled and at night headed to a party where a few bands were playing to benefit charity. One of the bands that played was Death Carpet Trio (DC3), you should check them out on iTunes. If you wanna hear an interesting song, check out "Al's Diner." After getting back into town on Sunday I headed out to Pace Bend, which i would not recommend on a holiday weekend. There were way too many drunk idiots that we only stayed for an hour before leaving. Today, Memorial Day, will be a nice relaxing and lazy day cleaning up the house and shopping for some pet toys.... maybe i'll even bake a cake :)

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Abigail said...

What's up with all the Mondays? I would like to see some mid-week happenings. And if nothing happens...let's do something!