Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Musings of the Week

So it's only Wednesday, but i'm inclined to write about some interesting stuff going on around this joint.

Firstly, check out these cool useless night lights that they have at IKEA now. They work with or without a cord and you push their heads to turn them on/off. Okay, like i said, useless, but yet strangely amusing and entertaining. Thanks to my friend, Pete and Jess, for introducing them to us. (oh yes, and as Pete proved, they are quite indestructible)

There has also been quite a lengthy discussion about retro-bolting some 5.9 routes out at Reimers Ranch this week (Backflip and My Name is Mud on Deadcats Wall). The shortened version of the discussion is this: At what lengths should the climbing community go to ensure that "easy" routes for beginners and beginner leaders are bolted 'safely' and what exactly defines 'safely.' Some feel that these routes carry too much risk due to current bolt placement, for beginners. Let me just make my opinion clear... climbing is a risk, leading is a risk, deal with it. I don't feel that there is currently any danger on My Name is Mud and that we shouldn't give the false impression to beginners that we are going to hold their hands and place bolts every 3 feet. As it stands now, this route is only 30 feet tall with 3-4 bolts plus chains, and a bommer clipping stance at the 3rd clip. If you get sketched, come down, top rope the climb... nuf said.

Okay, lastly, for those of you in Austin that don't know about the Jack and Adam's core workouts, you should check them out. Every Monday & Wednesday at 5:45pm for 1 hour at Jack and Adam's bike shop on Barton Springs and S. Lamar. The classes are free, but show up by 5:30 to get a good spot. Also they are outside and rain or shine.... bring a yoga mat or towel to lay on the ground. Mondays tend to be a harder workout with more pushups, while Wednesdays are a bit less strenuous, but still difficult, with more of a core workout. For those that climb on Tuesday's, I tend to find the Monday workout to be a little overkill on the arms, that I'm still sore for my Tuesday climbing.

- Happy Wednesday.

One more thing.... BIKE RACE THIS SUNDAY (5/18) - Hike n' Bike trail along Town Lake... start time 9pm at the Lamar Ped Bridge... bring lights!!! If you've never ridden the trail before, do so before Sunday night... it will be dark and there is a lot of construction going on... oh yes, and costumes are definitely encouraged!

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