Tuesday, May 27, 2008

7 years later...

7 years ago today a friend of mine, Amy, chose to have elective liposuction surgery. She was a freshman at Penn State University, and had just completed her first year. She went in for the surgery that day a bright and happy person... unfortunately she only lived to see another 2 days. What happened in her surgery was a case of great negligence by the doctors and the nurses. Last Friday (5/23) a jury handed down a $20 million dollar verdict against the doctor and staff for their negligence... his medical license is currently under review because of this case, and two other cases similar to it (fortunately the other two victims lived). I'm very happy to see that the doctor in this case was found guilty and for the fact that more people will now be aware of this guys medical history. If the family should ever see a cent of this money, they will be using it toward a scholarship fund in Amy's name. Read the articles below to learn more...


and some highlights from a different article...

For five weeks, the jury listened to testimony about the death of the 18-year-old from Newtown Square, Delaware County, who was an honors student at Penn State University.

In May 2001, she went to Glunk's plastic surgery office in King of Prussia for liposuction on her legs, stomach and under her chin. "He brought Amy Fledderman to his office and told her, 'You'll be as safe in my office as you'll be in a hospital,' and clearly she wasn't," said Slade McLaughlin, Fledderman's attorney.

Jurors heard testimony that Glunk's ambulatory surgical center was not licensed by the state for this kind of liposuction procedure and that, during the surgery, Glunk hit a blood vessel, then waited for two-and-a-half hours to call for an ambulance. Fledderman died of a fat embolism -- a common risk of liposuction -- two days after surgery.

Meanwhile, the state has held hearings considering revoking Glunk's medical license based on the Fledderman case and two others. The NBC 10 Investigators have reported about Daniel Antolini. He received a major monetary settlement after he said Glunk punched a hole in his bowel while performing liposuction. Records show another woman received a settlement after she said she nearly died from Glunk's liposuction surgery days before Fledderman's death.

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